I was thinking about Crossovers with many shows. Through the years there was many crossovers with many shows and I have seem some of them. However, it has always felt uncanny for me when characters from different shows meet each other. I can handle spin offs and they can be be good or bad.

But its feel so weird I always thought that both series have their own universe and suddenly they kind off live "next door to each other" and it makes you wonder how come them have never met before or heard about each other.

For example, let say if Charmed and Angel did a crossover. The Charmed Ones live in San Francisco and Angel in Los Angeles. Yes, they know about the show and they have met Vampires and that's it. But they are still many different shows and all.

Or Charmed and The Vampire Diaries. I know what you are gonna say about that. But in theory it would have been really crushing for both shows.

Am I the only one who feels uncanny to crossovers or are all crossovers naturally horrible?

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