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  • DrSmart

    In charmed, The angels of destiny are Godlike beings who controll how the natural order works, however some destinies are not fullfilled in the series for various reasons.

    forgetting the angels however, The destiny of the charmed ones was that they would be the most powerfull withces the world had known, but who were the charmed ones destinied to be? Prue, Piper, and Pheobe or Piper Pheobe, and Paige? according to the comics, Paige was not meant to even be a charmed one, and possibly wasnt even supposed to exist, though it seems odd that while destiny was altered in prue's death, Paige was there coincedentally with telekinetic powers like her sister due to her mothers affair with her whitelighter

    the explanation given by prue of course is th…

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  • DrSmart

    Paul Ruditis blog

    June 22, 2012 by DrSmart

    I thought it might interest you guys to know that the main writer for the charmed comics has a website under his own name, with a few awesome blogs is his website, and I really enjoyed reading his last blog which had his opinions on TV witches, and such and the rules behind their magic. I found his perspectives really awesome, and somewhat reflective of my own, and I was suprised to find that he took the time to respond to a comment i left him, which i half expected him to not even notice lol.

    I really encourage any charmed fan to read it, and possibly his other blogs, as it seems like something that would interest anyone who takes interes…

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