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  • Domynyk

    The Molecular Immobilization would be very useful in the real life, when the usage of the powers for personal gains isn't prohibited. And other Molecular Manipluatin powers( Combustion, Acceleration, Inhibition, Deceleration) would be great for me :)

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  • Domynyk

    1.) When there isn't pink light on the real body during the activation and deacvtivation of AP?

    2.) When there is pink light on the real body during the activation and deactivation of AP?

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  • Domynyk

    In my opinion, her Astral Projection would grow to that point where Prue is able to be awake in her real form as well, and her real and astral form can fight and use her powers, so Astral Projection would grow into Cloning.

    Her Telekinesis would grow into Advanced Telekinesis (Havokinesis), when she can make explosions by speeding up the molecules, and she can move many objects and beings at once, and she can move them for very long distance, and she can move very heavy objects. And she can product telekinetic waves.

    She would possibly able to use Psychokinesis at high level, and Strangulation, Deviation and Agility.

    Her limited Levitation would grow into real Levitation, or even Flight.

    And I think, if she would have come back in the comics, …

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  • Domynyk


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