This morning I was feeling particularly artsy.  Maybe it was because my roommates style had finally gotten to me, or maybe it was due to the blossoming flowers on my windowsill.  Whatever it was, it was inescapable and seemed to fog my mind.  All I wanted to do was paint.  Now before I go on, I feel it important to explain that I once was an artist.  I use the past tense because I haven't actually had the time to work on any of my works.  Though I consider myself more of a musician artist, I also enjoy recreational painting and drawing.  Anyways, after multiple failed attempts at writing on my other blogs, I finally succumbed to my subconscious and agreed to relieve my artistic desire.  After what seemed like hours searching for my old sketchbook, I finally found it on the top shelf covered with a light coat of dust.  The book hadn't been opened in quite a while, and I wasn't surprised when a gigantic spider crawled out of the book and scurried right by my hand.  Though being a third degree black belt in karate, I must say that I have quite the abhorrence of spiders.  And thus another twenty minutes was spent jumping up and down waving my arms screaming about the spider.  Around this time, I was getting particularly annoyed with the fact that a giant spider was now making home in my desk and that I still hadn't even satisfied my insatiable desire to draw/paint.  Finally at around three o'clock, I had my sketchbook laid open in the middle of my desk, and around this were twenty four different colored pencils, forty oil pastels arranged in order from light to dark, paints (both water colors and dry) ready with four types of brushes laid out arranged in size, a small glass of water, a roll of paper towels for the paints, and various types of drawing pencils.  With all these tools on my desk, I still had just enough room for my hot chamomile tea.

Then, I sat in awe wondering what I was going to draw.  Immediately I became flustered because I should have been thinking about it rather than spending twenty minutes screaming about the spider, or wasting time trying to write on my other blogs.  Then, after starring blankly at the coffee table ten feet from my desk, I noticed the second season of Charmed laying out.  I suddenly felt a desire to draw the three sisters as they were on the cover.  Four hours rolled by and before I knew it, I had drawn the three Halliwell sisters and even added the "Power of Three" symbol.

So now I have added a painting of the Halliwell sisters to my sketchbook.  And, not only quenched my artsy desire, but my Charmed addiction as well, at least for now anyways.  Adios for now y'all!

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