• Charmedthree

    Well, I have heard several people saying "The Charmed Ones are half-witches, they are born to a witch mother and a mortal father". This is absolutely wrong. There are no half-witches in Charmed. If you have at least one magical parent, it takes all over it and you become a full witch. By the time you have at least one active power, it means you perform magic, so you are a witch. If the half-witches thing was real, then the Charmed ones wouldn't even been witches! Almost every witch at the Warren/Halliwell Family Tree is married to a mortal, which means that their magic would spread to thin in the end. I mean, it's rediculous. If Piper married a mortal, then her child would be a 1/3 witch? It's nonsense. Also, Paige is not a half-witch, hal…

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