Hi I can see how many people can be confused about mostly witches, It is because many popular tv shows use different terms to description of a witch and witch hybrids and that just fueled the assumption, and many people then believed that would work on other similar shows like Charmed. If Charmed Wiki was a fictional wiki and I wouldn't said nothing because there are no such thing as pure speculations on a fictional wikis or fan fiction stories, and they are only called witches or wizards and warlocks and etc because they are born with magical genetic DNA.

  • For example in Sabrina the teenage witch.

Their description of a pure witch is a child from pure-blooded witches

and a child from pure-blooded witch and a mortal is a mortal-witch hybrid

and warlocks are just male witches. or Witches are sometimes referred to as Wizards and Warlocks. And Immortality was extremely common with witches.

  • For example in The Vampire Diaries.

Their description of a pure witch is a child from a witch and a mortal

and warlocks are just male witches.

  • For example in Charmed.

Their description of a pure witch is a child from a witch and a mortal

and a child from a whitelighter and a witch is a Whitelighter-Witch and they are Half-Humans and they can both be effectived basically by anything mortals can being a Witch or Whitelighter-Witch does not protect you from catching a cold and the need to eat food, and warlocks are most often former witches who sold their souls to evil or killed a fellow witch and stole their powers.

And Demon-Mortal Hybrids are Half-Demons because they are able to feel bright emotions and feelings which would kill full-blooded demons.

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