I was thinking what is up with Hair Color Bashing on Charmed,

I have heard some people being picked on because of it's hair color.

I was heard this claims

  • 1: That Blondes are not intelligent persons.
  • 2: Brunetts are so boring for their intelligence.
  • 3: Redheads are Relationship / Dating Impaired.

Come on now. It is just hair. HAIR!!!!

Because when Phoebe was blonde. Prue once said about Phoebe, "Ever since she became a blond" Referring to Phoebe became less intelligent.

When Paige first met Billie and they were fighting, Paige saw Billie's hair and then she said surprised "You are blond?"

And when Prue was blond in alternative reality. Piper said: "And you are blond" And Prue said. "Yeah strange"

And when Phoebe was fighting Kaia.

Phoebe said: "You are a blond I should have known"

And when Piper was giving birth to Wyatt. Paige said. "What did you expect a blonde?"

And The Stillman Sisters. And Billie and Christy Jenkines.

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