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September 22, 2011
  • I live in I tripped and fell into Charmed Reality.
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is The Founder of The Wizardry Quest Wiki.
  • I am Male.
  • Charmednut

    I was wondering which message feature on Charmed Wiki, would you like to have. Message Walls or Talkpages? There can you have your opinions and dicussions. Keep it in the mind as a purpose of fun and entertainment. Not to be caused for a heated discussions.

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  • Charmednut

    Well the way I see it, The Forces of Evil are solely responsible for causing the creation of The Exposure. Really if you should think about it The Exposure, would highly likely never existed, for example in the episode "Pardon My Past"

    Many Mortals saw P. Bowen and P. Baxter and P. Russell using powers. Yeah they were scared and you would be to, and even The Book of Shadows was downstairs and right in front of Mortals.

    And nobody seemed to care. Of course people would be scared of Darklighters and Warlocks and Demons and Evil Witches. because their native desire is just to kill you.

    Because they don't have any morality or sense of care. and also giving The rest of Magical Community a bad name.

    The world could perhaps be kind a like the that m…

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  • Charmednut

    I was thinking to try make a suggestion that those power pages who doesn't have a Alignment Section should atleast have a plausible Alignment or a Neutral.

    For example Deflection should be considered plausible Alignment to Good as. As only Destined Good Witches possess this power.

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  • Charmednut

    I was wondering, how come Phoebe can be listed on the species section as Empath / Witch. whilst Zachary and Christy are listed as Witches and not as Telepaths,

    Aren't Telepaths also considered as a separate species as well? As Telepathy is kinda like the brain and Empathy like the heart. What did they ever say that Christy was in fact a witch? Keep it in the mind as a purpose of long-time though. Not to be caused for a heated discussions.

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  • Charmednut

    For anybody who is interested into reading my fictional stories, click on this link. And if you want to, give me your reviews about my fictional stories.

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