Can I please bring it to everybody's attention that Penny Halliwell Never said that there hadn't ever been a man born into the family. In Necromancing the Stone Penny made two comment's that for some reason people have taken to mean that before Wyatt there had never been a male in the family. First she said "But we always have girls." later she remarked "There's never been a male witch in the family." I understand how that could be inturpreted to mean that there has never been a male in the family, but those exact words never crossed her lips. 

In regards to the first statement, keep in mind that Penny and her daughter both only had daughters, and while there are certainly more women on the Warren Family Tree the men on the tree aren't all husbands and fathers of Warren women.

And in regards to the second comment, Just because there had never been a male witch in the family does not nessasairly mean that there had never been any men in the family, it just means that they never had any magic.

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