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What do you want to happen in the comics?

I want the theme to revert back to Season 1-2, make it more wicca and less fairytales. Sometimes its difficult to take things seriously and I want the stoylines, fairytales etc. to feel connected to Season 1. What I mean is, if you look at the magical community and the CO turning into goddess, its impossible to see it happening/appearing or even connected to Season 1.

I want more character development and family depth. This would make the comics more significant. Characters personality should stay intact and have their dialouges more believable and in-character. Paul I hope your watching alot of the episodes and again make the theme the same as Season 1-2 or even 3-4 makes things less complicated and wicca-y.

EDIT: Most importantly, focus on the sister bonding. It died during Season 5 and never again appeared. It should be like Season 1. Screw the kids, their not important maybe have them dissappear somehow as a plotpoint and let the story go back to basics.

BTW sorry for my engrish :P

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