Which of the Charmed Ones would be considered the worst offender when it comes to personal gain? I guess most would automatically choose Phoebe due to the whole Tribunal thing, but let's look at the bigger picture.

Piper has Always been quick to use her powers to freeze the situation, mostly when people annoyed her or when she got frustrated. I think I would probably do the same thing at times.
Phoebe tried to force her future to move forward by finding the father of the child she had foreseen. Everyone treated this as a bad thing and it was selfish, but ultimately she did it to find happiness. I wasn't a fan of that storyline, as I did find her whiny and selfish, but I understand desire.
In all honesty, I think Paige is worst offender, and being part Whitelighter, she should know better, though she is the one who never gets called on it. Let's list some examples. She used magic to solve issues at work (when she was farily new to her powers, so okay). Around season 5, she started orbing around for every little thing, which grew worse with every season. In season 6, she summoned a personal sex toy right after Phoebe lost her powers for personal gain. Then in season 8, she repeatedly used magic when she wanted to tell Henry the truth, all to get him in the right mood.

Any important examples I forgot to include? And just to be clear, I don't dislike the sisters and get that most examples were for humor or easy plotlines. I just want to see how everyone else feels about this.

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