After the season 5 premiere, A Witch's Tail, executive producer Brad Kern, planned to create spin-off of Charmed, focusing on Mermaids. On the show, the Mermaids would have individual powers and help innocents much like witches. A pilot was at least written and casting was done, and I believe it was at least partially filmed.

My question is: Would you have watched this spin-off and how do you think it would turn out? Would it be as good as Charmed or a complete disaster?

I would have watched it, but I wouldn't have high expectations. In my opinion it would probably be bad and I don't think it would have lasted longer than a season.

Another question: Would you have wanted this show or would you prefer another spin-off? I know we probably all want more seasons of Charmed or a spin-off about the next generation, but what if it was something like Mermaids?

I would have prefered a spin-off about Gypsies far more than Mermaids. I think they could have brought a whole new perspective on magic and just do things a little differently. I loved the gypsies in their short appearance and I wish they could have gotten a bigger role.

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