I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I wanted to dicuss the power of Immortality. A lot of users, including myself, automatically place Immortality in every power list of demons. However, lately I have been thinking that it was never stated that all demons possess Immortality.

Of course, individual demons such as Zankou, the Seer, The Triad etc. all possess Immortality and have all existed for several centuries as proof. However, when looking at several lower species of demons, such as Brute Demons, Kieran Demons, Chameleon Demons, there is nothing to indicate they possess immortality. They exist as a species, so their kind can keep suriving through breeding while individuals die.

Also concerning the balance between good and evil, how it is fair that evil could live eternally while good (mainly witches) will eventually die of old age.

Of course, it will be impossible to determine who possesses Immortality and who doesn't, which is why I think Immortality should only be added to infoboxes etc. when it is mentioned or at least implied.

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