Hello Everyone,

Usually I am not the type of person to promote or adverstise my own work, since I don't want to come across as bragging or demanding, but right now, I am going to do exactly that. In case anyone is bored and/or looking for some new Charmed stories, I have written several pieces of fiction as a continuation of Charmed.

The Closing Chapter

This is my vision of what happens right after Forever Charmed, how the sisters and Billie have moved on after the Ultimate Battle, and to tie up loose ends such as the fate Magic School.

Chosen Series

The Closing Chapter leads directly in my Chosen series, which focuses on Billie and several old and new characters when they are chosen to replace the Charmed Ones as a force of good to protect the innocent and fight evil.

Legacy Series

Legacy is my other project, which focuses on the next generation of Halliwells, who take over from their mothers and continue their family destiny.

The legacy series is proceeded by two independent stories, The Once and Future Evil, focusing on teenage Wyatt, while Four Witches and a Funeral focuses on Melinda Halliwell.

More Information
The stories can be found on my account:
More information can be found on my personal wiki: Chosen Legacy Wiki. However, this wiki contains unmarked spoilers for all finished stories. Additionally, the wiki is for viewing only, not editing.

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