Hello Charmed Fans,

I would like to invite you to take a look at the Charmed Fan Characters Wiki. As the name suggests, this wiki is a fanbased wiki which features original characters, ideas and powers. It was originally created by Twerdette, however, recently MysticalNut and myself have redesigned the wiki in the hopes of getting more users to edit there.

This wiki is the perfect place to use your creativity to create your own characters and work out ideas without being limited to canon information. Whether you want to design a single character or power or create a whole new spin-off or alternate continuation is entirely up to you.

A new feature we implemented a while ago are seperate categories for each user, which would be your own personal and private category to contain all your creations. Other users are not allowed to edit pages that are in your personal category (except for admins when it comes to violations or wrongfully placed categories).

Examples of unique user categories:

Furthermore, there is a category called Neutral Ground, which is open and free for all users to edit and help grow and perfect. Powers and such are often placed here if you want other users to use them as well.

We hope you will take a look and perhaps join. Before you do, please be sure to read the wiki policy first. For questions or suggestions, please ask me or MysticalNut.

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