Hello fellow admins,

I created this blog so the new Dynamite comics can be discussed between all active admins. The new issue had been out for a while now and some sort of decision needs to be made concerning them; whether or not and how the comics should be included on the wiki.

As you may have read on the page for A Thousand Deaths, it is clear that the issue is impossible to place within the existing, canon timeline of the series. It is supposed to be set during the end of season 4 or beginning of season 5, but Cole is gone, Piper isn't pregnant and Paige has a charge already.

Also see the following quote from the writer from an interview;

Erica: I don’t mind trying to make the story fit because I don’t think it has to be a perfect fit. We fudged the timeline a hair between seasons 4 and 5, Paige having a charge, Phoebe at the paper, but Piper not pregnant yet. My concern wasn’t so much that it was 100% in line with specific events of the show, but that it was a fun story that people would enjoy and would look at as another adventure The Charmed Ones had.

I would like to know your opinion concerning the comics and how we should handle them on the wiki. As I see it, the comics are a nice addition, but not canon, placing them in the same category as the novels.

To all readers, please note that this discussion is (intially) admin only.

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