• CassieHughes2

    In 1998, the three known Halliwell sisters (Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell) move back into their childhood home, Halliwell Manor, after Grams' (Penny Halliwell) funeral. By accident, Phoebe discovers the family's Book of Shadows, (a family heirloom book containing centuries of knowledge, spells, and magic learned or created by the Halliwell matriarchs). Phoebe learns that she and her sisters are the most powerful witches ever to walk the earth; destined to protect both innocents and the world at large from demons, warlocks, and other evil creatures. (Phoebe), reasonably thinking the book is a novelty reads the book's initial inscription - an inscription that also happens to be an incantation which activates the Halliwell "Charmed" powe…

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