I remember hearing that they originally did consider recasting Prue, instead of creating a long lost sister once Shannen left. So it got me thinking, what if they recasted Prue and continued the journey of the original power of three.

So how do you think they would of done it, simply continue things like nothing has happened with the plot to address the actress change or would they have done something creative and pulled a Patience story, where Prue is still tied to the charmed prophecy and does not move into the afterlife but inhabits the body of a coma bound witch. I prefer the later, because I actually can see them eventually brining back Shannen for the final, yes the producers said they didn't want her in the final because it would be all about her, but if Prue got recasted, I see no harm in them having Prue get her original body back, but by that point, I reckon they would say the new actress has made the role her own, and brining back Shannen as Prue is in the past.

Who do you think would of been good to be recasted as Prue, could you still see Rose joining and playing Prue or a new actress.

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