Season 1 really focused alot on the sisters relationship aswell as the charmed ones battles with demons, as seasons went on there love lives and boyfriends roles got increased.

Connie seemed more keen on focusing just on the sisters, and I can see why she left after season 2, when Brad Kern wanted to introduce Cole. Yes I loved season 3 and the Cole arc. But I reckon they should of just had the charmed ones in every episode, anyone else didn't need to be in so many episodes. The show should of been like Supernatural less focus on the relationships and more on the sisters and demons.

Did we really need to see Piper and Leo get marrie and have children. I was actually surprised they got married and he proposed to her at the begining of season 3, after only knowing each-other for under 2 years. It felt more like they got together based on the future/elders wanting to keep them apart, than wanting to really be married.

Episodes like That 70's Episode shows how good the show can be if focused just on the sisters and excluding any boyfriend or supporting character in the show.

Although season 5-8 is where things really got way too focused on boyfriends, husbands and children. I loved Phoebe when she wasn't tied down to a boyfriend like in season 1 and 2, and Piper was also single in season 1. Its a shame they couldn't keep things like that for alot longer into the seasons, and its why I hated season 8, having everyone happily ever after, I would of been happy if Phoebe and Paige stayed single like Something Wicca This Way Goes? and why I liked that as a series final, but forever charmed had its moments.

Anyone agree?

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