Charmed Season 8 had the WB gave them a better budget and Billie wasn't forced into the show. Leo wasn't forced out and Daryl returns.

I'd have made season 8 follow the season 9 comics storylines, and instead the first witch being the final villain instead of christy and billie. Prue would also return, which would truly bring the show full circle, and really ended the show as it should of been.

Leo would not be in all 22 episodes, allowing two or three episodes to focus just on the charmed ones like season 1.

Paige meets Henry in the first episode of season 8, and marries him in the flashforwards. No Coop and Phoebe, we learn she finds her husband and marries him in the flashforward.

They manage to get Shannen Doherty back for only for 5 episodes, otherwise Patience is played by another actress for a majority of episodes as Prue, but we see Shannen as Prue three times similar to the girls glamouring themselves for scenes where Prue/Patience is recogised by her soul to her sisters, Leo and Cole, but the last 2 episodes sees her having a bigger role reunited in her original body Prue.

Prue as Patience would happen, the angel of destiny would tell them around episode 10, the reward for the ultimate battle would be Prue back. Cole would find Prue like the comics, and the four sisters reunite.

I'd play the last two episodes similar to the real final, only its the power of three vs. first witch, leaving Paige and Phoebe dead. The Angel of Destiny as a reward allows Prue to return to the living in her regular body, and the final sees Piper and Prue doing the time travel. The charmed ones defeat the first witch, and Prue is reunited with her original body for real. Flashforward at the end of the series for all the sisters.

What do you think?

What would you guys have done for the final season, had the budget been big enough to do anything?

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