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September 20, 2009
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  • Buffyfan123

    Charmed alums Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills 90210) and Holly Marie Combs (Pretty Little Liars) are hitting the road in Great American Country’s Off The Map With Shannen & Holly. It follows the former Charmed co-stars and real-life friends on a girls’ road trip through the southeastern U.S., with stops in Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. They will travel unknown roads, meet locals and tackle exciting adventures with help from Great American Country viewers. Visitors to can vote on the activities the pair will take on at each destination, with new questions rolling live as filming continues in July and August. The original six-episode series is slated to premiere in 2015…

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  • Buffyfan123

    I got a copy of the Long Live The Queen script two months ago, and was shocked as ever to see the ending to the episode was completely changed.

    Heres the original script ending for Long Live The Queen that I got from my script: (I have a pd copy of it) So copied and pasted it. Do you think they should of kept this one in.


    Phoebe's sitting up in bed, arms around her folded legs, staring out the window. A box of kleenex is next to her surrounded by several crumpled, used tissues. A long beat then a soft KNOCK at the door.

    Yeah ... ?

    The door opens and in walks Piper and Paige.

    We don't want to intrude ...

    No, it's okay, really. (takes tissue, wipes away a tear) Running out of tissue anyway.


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  • Buffyfan123

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let everyone know, I finally finished my pilot episode of Charmed 2.0.

    You can find it here:

    Hope you all enjoy it.

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  • Buffyfan123

    Charmed Season 8 had the WB gave them a better budget and Billie wasn't forced into the show. Leo wasn't forced out and Daryl returns.

    I'd have made season 8 follow the season 9 comics storylines, and instead the first witch being the final villain instead of christy and billie. Prue would also return, which would truly bring the show full circle, and really ended the show as it should of been.

    Leo would not be in all 22 episodes, allowing two or three episodes to focus just on the charmed ones like season 1.

    Paige meets Henry in the first episode of season 8, and marries him in the flashforwards. No Coop and Phoebe, we learn she finds her husband and marries him in the flashforward.

    They manage to get Shannen Doherty back for only for 5 episo…

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  • Buffyfan123

    The two day charmed event was held at Oz Comic Con with Shannen, Holly and Brain on July 6 and 7th in Australia. Shannen didn't attend the USA event last month, because she was sick, which was confirmed.

    I didn't attend the event, but I'm curious about what the reports were like. I did see on twitter someone asked Shannen if she would do a Charmed movie, and she replied if she was asked. This sorta makes it seem like Shannen would of really returned for the final episode, its just Brad Kern admitted he never bothered asking her, same with the comics, nobody asked her. She seemes pretty happy lately talking about the show, and has moved on from the past.

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