Charmed Roleplay

Reconnect with the Power of Three and set your creativity free

Charmed Roleplay is a newly created forum for fans of the series to RP their favorite characters. Here we give you the chance to expand the Charmed Universe and continue the journey of the Charmed ones and their children. This roleplay experience will include facing off with new, smarter, and stronger demons along with being reunited with some old friends.

The experience will begin in 2010, during the begining of October. After a few years of normal demon activity, a new evil emerges from the Underworld, threatening life as we know it. What's the difference between this demon and all the others that the Power of Three has faced? This one has done it's homework and has been waiting for the right moment to strike for years now. Will this new evil be too much for the Charmed ones and their family?

They will be forced to make startling alliances, consult old friends, and bring a powerful witch back from the dead.

Are you Charmed enough to join?

'Charmed Roleplay was created by BradGar, who is currently rewatching the series, when the thought of a RP community came to mind. He quickly hopped online and created the forum, hoping others would join. ' Brad is striving to make a neat, fun, and organized community all about Charmed.

Currently all characters, other than Leo Wyatt, Piper Halliwell, and Paige Matthews are currently available. We are also accepting original characters. We encourage people of all ages to join our RP experience and interact with your fellow Charmed fans.

We are currently in need of anyone who would like to help with plot ideas, graphic design, and etc.

Join up soon and reconnect with the Power of Three!


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