• BradGar

    Reconnect with the Power of Three and set your creativity free

    Charmed Roleplay is a newly created forum for fans of the series to RP their favorite characters. Here we give you the chance to expand the Charmed Universe and continue the journey of the Charmed ones and their children. This roleplay experience will include facing off with new, smarter, and stronger demons along with being reunited with some old friends.

    The experience will begin in 2010, during the begining of October. After a few years of normal demon activity, a new evil emerges from the Underworld, threatening life as we know it. What's the difference between this demon and all the others that the Power of Three has faced? This one has done it's homework and has been waitin…

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  • BradGar

    Charmed Roleplay

    September 25, 2010 by BradGar

    <p />

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