More Is Less

After a new demon attacks The Charmed Ones. They fight back but they are no match and they soon are outmatched. Paige orbs them out and they figure they need more power to defeat this monster. To hopefully regain their powers, they plan to go back in time to prevent Grams/Patty from binding their powers. Phoebe writes a spell as they go back into the past and explain everything to Grams/Patty and they willing do so as with Nick vanquished, they see no reason to bind their powers. After doing so, they return to the future, but figuring out that Paige would no longer be one of them, they give her a charm to be unaffected by the time travel. They cast the spell and revert back to where they came from

In the present, Paige lands up in her old home, semi-confused, she orbs into the attic to find, to her shock, Prue doing some paper work. Prue spots Paige orbing in and telekinetically throws her out of the house. She orbs back into the manor as Paige shouts that she is not a warlock but is in fact her half-sister. Prue asks if the elders had sent her since they were related and Paige says so. Paige asks her if she has seen Piper or Phoebe, but to her surprise Prue retaliate at her not to mention Phoebe's name again. She explains to her that Phoebe did not end up hating Cole in the new universe and in fact had become now only the queen of the underworld but the Seer to Cole. Not only that, she managed to kill Piper, destroying whatever was left of the power of three. Paige is shocked and confused as she had never imagined Phoebe to be able to do something that evil. Even when she was the queen of the underworld, she saved an innocent, but now she had killed her very own sister. Paige asks where Leo is and Prue tells her after Piper's death, Prue pleaded to the Angels of Destiny to bring Piper back to life but they all simply replied that it was part of the Grand Scheme. In rage, Prue gave up on witch craft, paying her very full attention on her job at 415 magazine. Having none of the Charmed Ones to guide, Leo had to move on. Paige is confused, shocked and terrified. They had screwed up their destiny, the way everything was supposed to be. Paige tells Prue that after her death, Paige replaced her, receiving her power of telekinesis. She tries orbing a book into her hand, but to no avail. Prue moves to the book, not only to her hand but she manages to flip it open to a specific page without even any gestures. Prue suggests that since Piper is now dead, Paige could replace her but Paige states to do so, she would have to have Phoebe with them as well. As long as Phoebe was evil, they had no chance in hell. Prue tells Paige that Leo had invented a spell, one that would turn someone to flip to the other side. It was a dangerous potion as it could go both ways. They had used this the previous time but Cole had managed to remove the effects of the potion before they could lure Phoebe back. They figure this was the only chance they had as Paige orbs off to find Leo as Prue looks in the books of shadows for possible ways for them to extend the amount of time they could seperate Phoebe from Cole

Paige orbs in front of Leo, but unknowingly, orbed in front of Leo's new charge, who still does not know she is future whitelighter. In fear, she runs off as Leo briefly shouts for making him lose his charge at Paige before asking what the Elders had sent her for. She explained that she was, or is going to be a Charmed One after one of their deaths. Leo is at a loss of words as she asks him to create the option he had once created as he told her it would take a while for the potion to be ready. She replies it's okay as she orbs back into the attic. Prue says she found a spell that allows them to replicate Piper's powers of combustion as Phoebe simmers into the attic. "Nice try", Phoebe replies as she throws fire at them, destroying several bottles of potions. Prue deflects it as she throws a potion at Phoebe but she simmers out before it took effect. "Great, that was all of the potions we had", Prue replied, having not stocked up on herbs/spices after she gave up on magic. "I will go get some more, you go look after Leo and make sure the potion isn't interrupted by Phoebe". Paige orbed out as Prue went out and got the ingredients.

Leo finishes making the potion as Prue is too. They all orb to the underworld as Prue rips some of the demons to rip via her now advanced telekinesis. They throw the potion at Cole as he turns into black particles. They throw the "side switcher" potion at Phoebe but nothing happens. "Nice try, but nice is not enough", Cole replies as he sends Leo flying off. "You see, Phoebe here is a Seer. She sees things. Get it? [i]See[/i]r. We knew you would do this". Paige was distraught. She grabbed Prue and Leo, trying to orb. She got zapped by Cole's lightning bolt as she and Prue both got knocked unconscious

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