• Avilsta

    More Is Less

    After a new demon attacks The Charmed Ones. They fight back but they are no match and they soon are outmatched. Paige orbs them out and they figure they need more power to defeat this monster. To hopefully regain their powers, they plan to go back in time to prevent Grams/Patty from binding their powers. Phoebe writes a spell as they go back into the past and explain everything to Grams/Patty and they willing do so as with Nick vanquished, they see no reason to bind their powers. After doing so, they return to the future, but figuring out that Paige would no longer be one of them, they give her a charm to be unaffected by the time travel. They cast the spell and revert back to where they came from

    In the present, Paige lands up …

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