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June 29, 2013
  • Мидейла

    Please look carefully at this picture. In "The Warren Witches" there is a very beautiful photo of Wyatt and Chris. Tell me if anyone has this same photo, but in good quality and bigger size? If so, please send this photo to me. Thank you in advance! =)
    P.S. And I beg you please write only if you have this photo. Other comments like "there is a similar to this" or "look for somewhere else" I do not accept. If before that I myself did not looked for this picture, I would not have to create this blog >.<

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  • Мидейла

    People, please tell us what you think about creating a page "Black Telekinetic Orbing" ... How's that idea?! I believe that the page "Black Telekinetic Orbing" has the right to exist. This is a separate force, and it is used by characters from a parallel world. Page "Black Orbing" is, so why can not exist other pages with powers of Darklighters and Darklighter-Witches?
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  • Мидейла

    Badge please...

    July 19, 2013 by Мидейла

    Explain the essence of the badge "The Wiccaning of the Blogger"? That is, I do not know exactly what to do to get the badge. You need to edit your blog or category? Or what? =(
    P.S. And I ask, please post only if you have an answer to my question. Other comments like "we have icons explanations" or "read policy" I do not accept. It is better of course if you know how to get the badge or already have it.

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