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Tyra Wilson
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1999; San Francisco[1]

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Cleavant Wilson (father)

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Crystal Michelle

"My daughter. She was murdered six and a half months ago right here waiting for a bus. I'm looking for a witness."
—Cleavant to Prue Halliwell.[src]

Tyra L. Wilson was the daughter of Cleavant Wilson. She was murdered by Gibbs, a criminal who owned a pawn shop, presumably because she saw something that Gibbs didn't want her to see.[2]


Ever since her murder, Cleavant had been trying to find justice for his daughter. While everyone knew what happened, they were all afraid of Gibbs and remained silent. When Prue Halliwell met Cleavant, she tried to help him. She confronted Gibbs, though he told her she was wasting her time, as nobody would step forward as a witness.

After the sisters tried to help a spirit named Charlene Hughes move on by vanquishing her killer, Charlene was still unable to move on. Prue noticed the flyer and realized that Charlene could help find justice for Tyra as well. Charlene haunted Gibbs and pretended to be Tyra, eventually scaring him into confessing his crime. With her murderer caught, Charlene was finally able to move on.


  1. According to her father, she was murdered six and a half months ago.
  2. Ex Libris

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