Trickery Treat
This Halloween thing gets a little trickier than usual…
Novel Information
Written by

Diana G. Gallagher

Published by

Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

ISBN Number



Post-Season 8

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Leo Rising


The War On Witches


Trickery Treat is the 41st novel in the Charmed novels series and is written by Diana G. Gallagher.

It takes place during the Halloween following the end of Season 8 (roughly six months after the finale).


A portal opened—as a means for amends,
Leaves a vengeful spirit to roam.
Helping him cross over is the only way,
To restore peace within the home.

It's Halloween, and Piper is busy decorating the Manor, which has become the neighborhood hot spot on the most bewitching night of the year. Meanwhile, Paige decides to use the party as a chance to honor the dead. She casts a spell that creates a portal for a clan of leprechauns ... and other wandering spirits. Also Phoebe has already regained her Empathy power.

The guests are thrilled and impressed with the realistic effects, but Phoebe, Piper, and Paige soon realize that they have a big trick to deal with: one not-so-friendly ghost going out of his way to turn the Manor into a haunted house. The Charmed Ones must stop this evil soul with a vengeance before he takes the life of one experienced ghost hunter who knows his story and has met him before...


Magical NotesEdit


Sea salt that has been blessed under a full moon can diminish ghostly energy.

Rice compels playful spirits to count every grain and distracts them.

To Evict a GhostEdit

Watery-footprint ghost, be gone,
with the Power of Three we roust
you out of the door and onto the lawn,
get out and stay out of the house.

Fake Evicting Spell for a GhostEdit

Beneath this roof,
through haunted halls,
ghost be gone
within these walls.


  • This is the last Charmed tie-in novel to be produced, shortly after release the series was cancelled and many stores removed them from shelves.
  • Henry Mitchell and Coop made their debut novel appearances.


  • In one page, Coop was called Cole.
  • In one page, Paige wasn't there, she was downstairs. Phoebe was the only sister there and she got called Paige.
  • Phoebe is already married to Coop (although the comics reveal that they married in February).
  • The novel foreshadows Henry and Paige having three children.

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