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Piper, Leo, and Paige are meeting with the Tribunal about the situation with Prue. The Tribunal isn't happy about the way the Charmed Ones handled the situation with the Old Ones. Piper realized that Heremus infected Prue.

The Tribunal asks where are the ones the Charmed Ones call their allies. Piper tells the Tribunal that Phoebe, her father, and all their children are at Magic School. Tyler sent Prue somewhere safe, but hard to escape. The Charmed Ones know it won't be long before Prue escapes. Tyler and his family were being protected by trusted friends.

Someone kidnapped Tyler. Benjamin Turner and Kyra were in bed together when someone knocked on the door. The Tribunal are trying to get all the facts about the situation with the Old Ones, before jumping into action.

Tyler awakes in a cell. Tyler tries using his powers to escape. Kyra tells him that the cell is blocking all magic. Tyler notices that Coop, Benjamin, and Kyra are also trapped with him. Coop tells them that their in a holding cell at Cupid's Temple. The kidnappers are revealed to be part of the Tribunal.

The Tribunal are investigating the strange spells cast by Prue Halliwell before she was overtaken by Heremus. Prue brought Kyra back from the dead for information, transferred Benjamin's soul into his son's body, and Prue's union with Heremus began within Tyler.

Piper and Paige are investigating the disappearance of the students of Knox Academy. Piper and Paige look around for physical impression of a traumatic event. Paige and Piper cast a spell on the gunk on the wall. They see what exactly happened to one of the students. Prue infected the students with the seeds of the Old Ones. Dominus attacks the sisters. Paige orbs Dominus' heart thinking that would vanquish him, but it didn't.

Phoebe's putting her daughters to bed, when she has a premonition of Prue. Phoebe tries to warn Piper and Paige, but no one answers.

Back at Cupid's Temple, Leo's looking through scrolls for information about the Old Ones, but he'd rather be helping Piper and Paige. The Tribunal cast a spell on Tyler to play his magic use in reverse to figure out when Prue and Heremus met within his consciousness.

Tyler brings Prue to the Tribunal. The Tribunal attacks Prue, but Prue easily kills them. Prue tries to kill Coop, since Phoebe tried to kill her. Phoebe arrives and tells Prue that she didn't try to kill her, she tried to help her. Phoebe tells Prue to let Coop go, or she'll vanquish Prue.

Earlier that day, at the house of Darryl Morris, Darryl's washing dishes when someone knocks at the door. That someone is Amelia Desmots, a friend of the Charmed Ones. She has a message for Darryl. The being tells Darryl that their being called upon to help. Amelia Desmots makes the being visible. The being turns out to be Andy Trudeau.

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