Phoebe is serving on a jury in a murder trial. The defendant, Stan Provazolli, claims to have had a premonition, and so led the police to his ex-wife's body. Phoebe believes that Stan is guilty; but she handles the murder weapon and has a premonition of her own, showing another man to be the murderer. In the jury room, she stalls and calls for Leo, so she can alert her sisters.


Paige invites her best friend Glen to stay in the manor.

Leo and Piper go to Stan and tell him of Phoebe's vision. Stan tells them that Andrew Wike killed his ex-wife, Angela. Wike had been laundering money through his magic club, where Stan had worked; Angela had found out and Wike killed her.

Glen has found potion ingredients in the refrigerator; curious, he has looked around the house and found the Book of Shadows. Paige explains to him that she and her sisters are witches. She casts a spell from the Book, intending to stretch his imagination, but ends up giving him the power to stretch his limbs instead.

Phoebe tries to convince the jury that magic is real, but in vain. The cranky jurors call for the bailiff and try to get Phoebe replaced. Phoebe decides to trie and summon Angela's ghost.

Piper and Paige, tape recorder in hand, go to Andrew. Piper starts blasting, and Andrew talks; but then he throws a small explosive device and disappears. A Rat Demon comes to him, however, and turns him into a rat. The demon summons more rats, which devour Andrew.


Leo tells Piper and Paige of Phoebe's efforts; she's not succeeding in summoning Angela, and he thinks she needs the Power of Three. He orbs Piper and Paige into the jury room. Piper freezes the room, the sisters cast a spell and then Leo orbs Piper and Page back out. Angela's ghost appears to the astonished jury, and explains to the jury that Stan is innocent. The jury returns a verdict of not guilty. Leo uses memory dust to hide the memory of magic.

The Rat Demon appears in the manor, with Glen at his side. Glen has a glowing red ring around his neck, and the Rat Demon threatens to kill him if the sisters don't hand over the tape with Wike's confession. The sisters and Leo meet with the Rat Demon, who demands the tape; but he catches fire at the hands of another demon. The other demon takes the tape and lets Glen go.