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Touch of Death
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Kill beings through touch by burning or boiling them






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The Touch of Death is the power to kill victims through a touch, although physical contact is not always required to activate it. The Kiss of Death is a variation of this power.


A mere touch can cause the victim's skin to welt and burst, incinerating it on contact. Other times, it can cause boils to form or set the skin on fire.

Although the power is mostly used for immediate death, the possessor can stop before death occurs, only wounding his victim. However, the wounds will still eventually kill the victim.

A Touch of Death is triggered by hate and can be seen as a parallel to the power of Healing, which is triggered by love. The hands of the user may glow when this power is used, though this is not always the case.


Love Hurts

In 1999, the Charmed Ones encounter a Darklighter named Alec who had this ability. He had used his power to kill a hotel manager and threatened to kill Piper with it. Prue temporarily switched powers with Alec and used his own touch of death to kill him. After Prue killed Alec, she said she never had to feel so much hate before, and never wanted to feel that way again.

Primrose Empath

Vinceres, a powerful demonic assassin, killed many of his victims with the touch of death. He usually used this power by grabbing the neck of his victim and burning them from the inside. The victims' faces turned blood red, and ended up with huge burns. Later on, the corpses were rapidly reduced to ashes.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

In 2001, a demonic child named Ari used this power to wound the Ice Cream Man. The Ice Cream Man knew the wounds would become fatal to him and let the Nothing suck him up, saving Prue and Victor. Later, when Victor was trying to restart the Ice Cream Truck, Ari tried to burn him without actually touching him, proving just how powerful he was even at his age. However, Prue swatted him away.

Muse to My Ears

In 2001, a warlock named Devlin, who had previously stolen it from a demon, used this power to kill a congressman after absorbing his Muse with his ring. This was the first time where flames actually appeared and burned the skin.

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