Tom Taylor 2
Tom Taylor
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Copy editor at The Bay Mirror

Character information
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Scry Hard

Portrayed By

Julian Bailey

"Tom Taylor, copy editor. Listen, I gotta cut Bauer's column to 1500 words and he's threatened to kill me."
—Taylor to Phoebe Halliwell.[src]

Tom Taylor was the copy editor at The Bay Mirror during 2005.


When Elise Rothman left Phoebe Halliwell in charge of the paper, Taylor had some complaints and issues that required Phoebe to deal with. He wanted to trim Bauer's column because he felt it was a bit "bloated". Bauer refused and the conflict was brought to Phoebe's attention. Phoebe decided that she herself would edit the article to make it fit.


Tom Taylor appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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