To Vanquish a Ghost and Return Him to His Rest
Spell Information

Vanquishes an evil spirit.


The Warren Line


The caster to be a spirit and a potion


Good Magic


To Vanquish a Ghost and Return Him to His Rest is a ritual consisting of a spell and a potion that is written in the Halliwell Book of Shadows. In order to be successfully cast, the caster has to be a spirit.


Jackson WardEdit

In 1999, Prue Halliwell performed this ritual to vanquish the spirit of Jackson Ward. Prue drank the potion- which would 'kill' her for a few moments but allow her to be restored so long as CPR was performed in time- and fell to the ground. As her spirit began to leave her body, she cast the spell and vanquished Jackson. She was then revived by Andy Trudeau, who performed CPR on her.[1]

The Lang BrothersEdit

In 2002, Piper Halliwell used the spell after she was fatally wounded by Nathan Lang in an attempt to get revenge against Leo Wyatt. As her spirit began leaving her body, she cast the spell to vanquish Rick and Nathan Lang. Leo then healed Piper before her spirit could move on.[2]

The NecromancerEdit

In 2003, Penny Halliwell used this spell to vanquish the Necromancer, one of her former lovers. Using his powers, he had placed her under his control. However, when he forced her to choose between him and her family, her love for her family proved stronger and she cast the spell to vanquish him.[3]

Book of ShadowsEdit

ToVaGaRtHR Left

Scan of the page from the real Book of Shadows.

To Vanquish a Ghost an
Return Him
to His Rest
To fight the evil spirit on the astral
plane it is necessary to join him
in death.
mix the following:
a pinch of oleander
a pinch of jimsonweed
a pinch of bloodroot
a pinch of hollyhock seeds
Grind to a fine powder and
take with the juice of

ToVaGaRtHR Right

Scan of the page from the real Book of Shadows.

After battle is joined,
chant the following
"ashes to ashes
spirit to spirit
take his soul,
banish this evil."
continue chanting without ceasing
until the evil spirit disintegrates.
This spell must only be
attempted with a partner.
After not more than four minutes
the dead one must be awakened,
lest she too becomes
a spirit in fact.



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