To Unbind a Bond
Spell Information

A spell to travel back in time to unbind a bond


Penny Halliwell


The Charmed Ones


Good Magic


To Unbind a Bond is a spell in the Warren Book of Shadows that allows witches to travel back in time to the moment where a magical bond was formed in order to undo it. It was created by Penny Halliwell.


The Charmed Ones used this spell in 1999 when a warlock named Nicholas revealed their mother had made a bond with him and blessed his ring to make him immune to their powers. The sisters ran to the attic and cast this spell to travel back in time to 1975.

The sisters were unable to prevent the bond from being formed, but later stole the ring back from Nicholas so the blessing could be undone. Their Grams then created a spell to return the sisters to their own time, which was cast by Patty Halliwell tapping into The Power of Three with her daughters and unborn child in her womb. The sister returned to their own time and vanquished Nicholas with a spell.[1]


To Unbind a BondEdit

The bond which was not to be done,
Give us the power to see it undone,
And turn back time to whence it was begun.

Notes and TriviaEdit


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