To Turn an Immortal Demon Into a Tree
Spell Information

Spell to turn an immortal demon into a tree


Paige Matthews and Piper Halliwell




Good Magic


To Turn a Demon into a Tree is a spell created by Paige Matthews and Piper Halliwell in 2003. The spell allowed them to turn the immortal demon Tull into a tree as it was impossible for him to be vanquished.


The demon Tull tricked two Nymphs into leading him to the Eternal Spring. When he drank from the spring, he became invincible. Knowing it was impossible to vanquish him, Piper and Paige wrote this spell instead and turned him into a tree.[1]

The SpellEdit

Changing seasons changes all,
Life renews as creation calls.
Nothing is immune, everything transmutes,
So take this demon and give him roots!


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