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To Turn Humans into Animals
Spell Information

A spell to turn humans into animals


Phoebe Halliwell




A pinch of salt mixed in a bag of herbs while casting the spell


Good Magic


To Turn Humans into Animals is a spell written and cast by Phoebe Halliwell. It allows the caster to turn humans into animals.



The spell taking effect.

Phoebe wrote this spell on Valentine's Day, 2000, in order to turn the snake and rabbit back into animals after they grew violent and kidnapped Andrea and Brooke. Phoebe cast the spell when the animal-men confronted her and her sisters in P3, though the spell had the unintended effect of turning everyone present in the club into animals. She reversed the spell within half an hour with a reversal spell and none those effected seemed to notice what had happened. ("Animal Pragmatism")

The SpellEdit

Something wicked in our midst,
In human forms these spirits dwell,
Make them animals sayth the spell


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