The Charmed Ones casting a spell
To Track the Sea Hag
Spell Information

A spell to track the Sea Hag


Paige Matthews




The Charmed Ones


The Power of Three


Good Magic


To Track the Sea Hag is a Power of Three spell written by Paige Matthews to track the Sea Hag.

Paige Matthews mentions that the spell is mixture of Western Wiccan magic and Eastern magic.


Paige wrote this spell in 2002 when the Sea Hag was trying to obtain the immortality of the mermaid Mylie, who had made a deal with her to find true love. After Mylie had been taken by the Sea Hag, the sisters cast this spell, though it had the unforeseen effect of turning Phoebe into a mermaid.[1]

Due to her recent history with Cole Turner, Phoebe's heart turned cold as the sea and after finding the Sea Hag, she decided to remain a mermaid to escape her pain. She later turned back to normal after being confronted by Cole, who forced her to admit her true feelings.[2]

The Spell

Powers of the witches rise,
Find the hag who speaks in lies
Balance chakra, focus chi
Lead us through the cruel, cruel sea