To Steal an Unborn Child
Spell Information

A spell that allows the caster to transfer an unborn child into her womb


The Seer




The caster to be female and a circle of black candles


Evil Magic


To Steal an Unborn Child is a spell created and cast by the Seer to steal The Source's Heir from the womb of Phoebe Halliwell.


After Cole Turner was vanquished, Phoebe's unborn child became increasingly powerful and hostile. In order to became the new Source of All Evil, the Seer freed an ancient demon known as the Tall Man and ordered him to kidnap Phoebe. However, the demon failed and was vanquished by Phoebe using her child's incredible powers. The child then took control of its mother and teleported to the Seer, who claimed the child had always been hers. She perform this spell to transfer the child from Phoebe's womb to her own. However, its power eventually proved overwhelming and both were vanquished.[1]

The SpellEdit

Let the little children come to me,
For the kingdom belongs to such as these
Give me strength, and give me might,
To steal child in still of night
Darkest forces, let it be,
Hear my plea, bring life to me


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