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To Separate a Witch from Her Powers

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To Separate a Witch from Her Powers
Spell Information

A potion and spell to extract the powers of witches.


Gypsy Blood, Mandrake Head, Nightshade, Henbane, Datura, Nux Oil and Hemlock Root


To Separate a Witch from Her Powers is an entry in the Book of Shadows. It describes how a witch, with the use of a potion and a spell, can separate and call for the powers of another witch.


Aunt Gail and CrytoEdit

In 2000, the Charmed Ones were visited by Gail Altman, a friend and coven mate of their grams, who they considered an aunt. She had come to ask the sisters about a demon who had been skinning people in her neighbourhood and if she could look him up in their Book of Shadows. Gail, in fact, was using this as a list to get her hands on this entry so that she, together with her two friends Helen and Amanda, could strip the Charmed Ones from their powers and give them to the demon Cryto. She took her chance when she was left alone with the Book and ripped out the entry, folding it and pocketing it in her purse.

Helen Brewing Potion

Helen, Gail, and Amanda with the potion.

Gail persuaded the sisters to help her with the demon and had them come to her house in Santa Costa. When the Prue, Piper, and Phoebe arrived she served them tea, which was in fact the potion. When the sisters decided to investigate the area they felt dizzy and sick. At that moment, Gail and her friends were chanting the spell, calling the Charmed Ones' powers. The powers flew back to Gail's house and were absorbed by Cryto, who they had previously summoned into a mannequin covered with human flesh.


The sisters' powers returning.

Regretting her decision to bring Cryto to life, having lost her friends who were killed by Cryto, Gail returned the spell to Phoebe before being killed herself. The sisters devised a plan to get their powers back and tricked Cryto into coming after them in Gail's home. Prue and Piper went down into Gail's basement while Phoebe remained in the hall. When Cryto arrived they forced him to astral project himself to Prue and Piper. Phoebe then fed his unconscious body the potion. When Cryto's projection returned to his body she kicked him into the basement where he was frozen by Piper. Phoebe joined her sisters and together they chanted the spell to get their powers back and vanquish Cryto.

The Stillman SistersEdit

Power Theft by The Stillman Sisters

The Stillmans steal the Charmed Ones' powers

Mabel, Mitzy and Margo Stillman, three evil witches, found the spell in the Book of Shadows and cast it on the Charmed Ones. They had previously cast an Identity Theft Spell that gave them the Halliwells' identities, so, after stealing their powers, they had effectively become the new Charmed Ones.

The Stillmans learned that it could not steal Paige's powers due to the fact she was half-whitelighter and not just a witch. However, Margo cast an anti-orb spell.

The spell was later used by the Halliwells to reclaim their powers, and the Stillmans were imprisoned.

Zankou's attempt to claim the NexusEdit


Zankou taking Piper's power.

After impacting the Charmed Ones' confidence, the Book of Shadows lowered its defenses, allowing Zankou to claim the tome for himself. With the sisters still attempting to stop him from taking in the Nexus, Zankou used a potion from this spell to steal their powers. He gained Phoebe's powers, and later Piper's, granting him near full access to the book's magic. However, by astral projecting themselves, the sisters managed to lure him away long enough to take back the book.

Book of ShadowsEdit

To Separate a Witch from Her Powers
In a boiling crucible of the blackest lead
combine gypsy blood with a mandrake's head
More of the nightshades will you boil
the henbane, datura and from nux an oil
With hemlock root complete the draught
foul and dark like the might and craft
Of the creator of this brew and her desire
to steal from another for vengeance, power or Ire
To Call a Witch's Power
Powers of the witches rise
course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
come to us and settle here

Notes and TriviaEdit


The To Call a Lost Witch spell.

  • The To Call a Lost Witch ritual uses the same spell as this one but requires the additional words "Blood to Blood, I summon thee. Blood to Blood, return to me".
  • This spell inadvertently summoned the Source of All Evil when the sisters called for their powers after he had stolen them with the Hollow.[1]

Mistakes made in the seriesEdit

  • The Stillman Sisters and later the Charmed Ones used the spell without needing the potion.[2]
    • Zankou on the other hand used the potion without the spell. He also just had to throw it at the sisters rather than having them drink it.[3]
  • Although Aunt Gail ripped the page out of the Book of Shadows and folded it, the page appears unharmed in later episodes. Although she did return the page back to Phoebe, the page bears no sign of ever being folded.


This page was used in a total of 5 episodes throughout the series.

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Ordinary Witches
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