To Send An Evil Ghost to Judgment
Potion Information

The Warren Line


A potion to send an evil Ghost to judgement


Foul smelling herbs and roots, Mandrake Root


Good Magic


To Send An Evil Ghost to Judgment is an entry in the Warren Book of Shadows concerning a potion that can be used to send an evil Ghost to judgement. The entry, although seen several times, was never used.



A scan of the original page from the Book of Shadows.

(The Book of Shadows text:)

To Send An Evil Ghost to JudgmentEdit

To render this potion, the witch who is to
conduct the ritual must take a fearless
inventory of that which she finds most foul.
She must plumb the depths of her resources
to concoct a combination of herbs and roots
that are, to her own nose, the most grotesque
and repugnant combination of odors.
These components, which are unique to the
witch conducting the ritual must be boiled in
a cauldron until they have become one with
each other, and must then be combined with
the mandrake root—which must be cut to
resemble the broken bodies of the dead.


  • Only a few pieces of this page have been seen. However a scan of the page was released on the internet after a few pages were photocopied at the beginning of Season 3.
  • This page was created for the Season One episode "The Power of Two".

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