Prue Phoebe-Fairy
To See the Unseen
Spell Information

A spell allowing the caster to see Fairies and Trolls


Prue Halliwell




Good Magic


To See the Unseen is a spell created by Prue Halliwell to allow the sisters to see Fairies and Trolls in order to save an innocent girl.


Prue Halliwell wrote this spell in 2000 and cast it with her sister Phoebe in order to save a young girl named Kate and the Fairy Princess Thistle from a group of evil trolls. As these magical beings could only be seen by children, the spell caused them to gain a childlike state of mind. However, a fall from the stairs snapped them out of it. The spell did not work on Piper Halliwell, as she was too bitter and angry at the Elders for taking Leo away from her.[1]


In this 'tween time
This darkest hour
We call upon the sacred power
Three together stand alone
Command the unseen to be shown
In innocence we search the skies
Enchanted are our new found eyes.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In all subsequent appearances of Fairies, the spell was no longer needed to see them.


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