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To Reveal One's Emotions
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To reveal one's emotions


Paige Matthews




Paige Matthews


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To Reveal One's Emotions is a spell written by Paige Matthews in 2002. It allows the caster to reveal what another person feels in his or her heart.


After Phoebe Halliwell was turned into a mermaid to locate the Sea Hag, the pain that Cole Turner had caused her resulted in her heart turning cold. In order to get her sister back to normal, Paige Matthews cast this spell on Cole so he would feel how Phoebe truly felt. Cole then confronted Phoebe at the beach and managed to bring out her true feelings, making her human again.[1]

A year later, Paige used an alternate version of this spell. After Leo Wyatt had gone missing, Paige cast a spell on her sister Piper that backfired and caused her to lose her memories. Paige then rewrote this spell to transfer Piper's feelings, which only Phoebe could feel due to her new power of empathy, back at Piper.[2]


To Open Phoebe's Heart to Cole

Open Phoebe's heart to Cole,
Reveal the secret that it holds
Bring forth the passion of love's fire,
That he may feel her true desire

To Reveal Piper's Emotions

Open Piper's heart to reveal,
That part which only Phoebe feels
Send it back from whence it came,
But don't protect her from the pain


  • Both times a version of this spell was used, it was in the second part of a season premiere.