Return Spell 1
To Return to Your Own Time
Spell Information

Penny Halliwell




The Power of Three


Good Magic


To Return to Your Own Time is a spell written by Penny Halliwell to send her granddaughters back to their own time when they traveled back in time.


That '70s EpisodeEdit

After they were confronted by the warlock Nicholas in 1999, the sisters traveled back in time to 1975 to prevent their mother from making a deal with the warlock. After they obtained his ring that made him immune to their powers, Penny and Patty attempted to send them back. However, the spell failed as it required the Power of Three. A pregnant Patty then cast the spell with the little Prue and Piper and managed to send them back.

The Bare Witch ProjectEdit

In 2004, the Magic School student Duncan accidentally summoned Lady Godiva and the demonic Lord Dyson from a history book. After the demon was vanquished, Paige had Duncan cast this spell to return the lady to her own time.

The SpellEdit

A time for everything,
and to everything its place
Return what has been moved
through time and space.

Notes and TriviaEdit

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