To Resolve Sibling Rivalry
Spell Information

A spell to resolve sibling rivalry


Penny Halliwell


Good Magic


To Resolve Sibling Rivalry is a spell created by Penny Halliwell and written in her personal spellbook. It allows the caster to resolve the rivalry between siblings.


In 2004, Paige Matthews attempt to organize a Wiccaning for baby Chris despite Piper's reluctance. When Grams arrived, she noticed Wyatt was jealous of his litte brother and was acting out. Grams revealed that she had a little spellbook which she often used on the sisters while raising them. She then cast the spell to resolve the sibling rivalry between Wyatt and Chris, though the rivalry instead entered the Charmed Ones, causing them to mentally regress to bickering children. Frustrated with Penny's failed attempt to help, Victor Bennett pursued her to summon Patty, who then reversed the spell with her reversal spell and restore everything to normal.[1]


To Resolve Sibling RivalryEdit

Pass your petty jealousies
to darkest night.
Let these feuding siblings
no longer fight.