To Relinquish an Empath's Power
Spell Information

To relinquish the powers of an Empath


Prue Halliwell




Good Magic


To Relinquish an Empath's Power is a spell created and cast Prue Halliwell in 2000 to free Vince from his pain.


Prue Halliwell created this spell after meeting a young man named Vince, who possessed the power of Empathy and was in great pain because of it. Wanting to help him, Prue cast this spell. However, when she cast it, Vince grabbed her arm and the power was transferred to her instead of being set free. As she was not able to handle it, Prue was overwhelmed by the power. However, when it was discovered that Vince was actually a demon named Vinceres, Prue was able to channel her Empathy to vanquish him and free herself from the power. ("Primrose Empath")

The SpellEdit

Free the empath,
Release his gift,
Let his pain be cast adrift

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