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To Receive a Sign
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Phoebe Halliwell




The sprinkled leaves of a dead rose


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To Receive a Sign is a spell that was written and cast by Phoebe Halliwell in 2000.


Phoebe cast in an attempt to assist her sister Piper in choosing between the two men in her life, Dan Gordon and Leo Wyatt. However, the spell actually helped the sisters locate Prue instead, who was kidnapped by the criminal Bane Jessup at the time.[1]


Spell to Receive a SignEdit

I beseech all Powers
above to Send a Sign
To free my Sister's Heart
One that will lead her
to her love.

The SignsEdit

Leonardo's Boutique of Bodega BayEdit

Give Me A Sign Spell3 PiperDoor

A delivery man, who said he received a sign, brought a package to the Halliwell Manor for Piper. She told the man it is a set of earrings she preordered with Dan while at Leonardo's Boutique in Bodega Bay.

Thinking this was a sign about Leo and Dan, the latter being from Bodega Bay, they did not realize this was actually sign about where Prue was being kept by Bane; Mariner's Bluff in Bodega Bay.

Leonara WatkinsEdit

Give Me A Sign Spell6BodegaBay

The sisters received a phone call from someone looking for a Leonara Watkins.

Thinking this was a sign that Piper should follow her heart and choose Leo, the sisters did not realize that this was actually another sign as to Prue, as Leonara was the name of the road exit that lead to Mariner's Bluff.


Give Me A Sign Spell4 MarinersBOS

While in the attic searching for information about the demonic Level Two Demon Weapon Darryl brought to them, the Book of Shadows' pages flipped to the entry on on the "Sea Fairies" known as Mariners.

Thinking this was a sign that Piper's true love was Dan, who played for a baseball team named the Seattle Mariners, it was once again a sign that led to Prue being held in a house being built on Mariner's Bluff.

The SportscastEdit

Give Me A Sign Spell7Broadcast

Phoebe accidentally sat on the television remote control and the sportscast came on, just when a reporter mentioned the Mariners losing to the Angels by 8 to 7.

Now aware that the sign were leading to Prue, the sisters discovered 8-2-7 was the lot of the home where Bane was keeping Prue. However, it could also forshadow the fact that Piper would ultimately choose Leo over Dan, meaning the Marines lost to the Angel.


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