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To Open a Door
Spell Information

Phoebe Halliwell




The Charmed Ones


Good Magic

Piper: "I can't get in, you've gotta write a spell."
Paige: "Are you up to it?"
Phoebe: "I think so. Uh, door unlock, no magic block."
Piper: "That's it?"
— The sisters discussing the spell[src]

To Open a Door is a failed spell written by Phoebe Halliwell to magically unlock a door or gate.


When the Tyler Michaels was taken by Ludlow, the sisters attempted to use this spell to break through the gate of The Academy. However, the spell failed. When she heard Tyler screaming, Piper was able to blast the gate open.[1]

The SpellEdit

Door unlock,
No magic block.


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