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To Make A Lover's Dream Come True

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To Make A Lover's Dream Come True
Spell Information

The Warren Line


Billie Jenkins


Good Magic


To Make A Lover's Dream Come True is a spell written in the Warren Book of Shadows. It is meant to make the dreams of lovers come true.


In 2005, Billie Jenkins cast this spell to help Phoebe Halliwell's dream of true love come true. However, the spell affected both Phoebe and Dex Lawson and resulted in them getting married. The spell broke when Dex carried Phoebe over the threshold of the manor, and neither remembered what had happened. Phoebe later decided to reveal her true identity to Dex, causing him to faint. ("Rewitched")

The SpellEdit

Hear these words hear my rhyme
Bless these two in this time.
Bring them both into the fold
Help them now cross love's threshold.

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