To Increase Patience1
To Increase Patience
Spell Information

A ritual to increase patience


The Warren Line


Several candles and a potion as decribed on the page


Good Magic


To Increase Patience is a ritual written in Warren Book of Shadows. It is consists of an incantation and a potion that needs to be prepared, and is meant to increase patience in a person.


While looking at the page in the Book of Shadows, Piper Halliwell joked that her grandmother, Penny, probably wrote the spell. Phoebe then added that she must have used it a lot while she was raising them. However, Prue remarked that not all of them were troublemakers. [1]


To Increase Patience1

The entry in the Book of Shadows.

To Increase Patience2

A different shot of the entry.

To Increase PatienceEdit

Set up the altar with
Three White Candles
Two Pink Candles
Two Orange Candles
and a Blue Candle
In the altar bowl place
A sprig of Lavender
Three Bay leaves
A pinch of Catnip
A large pinch of Yarrow
Three Drops of Gardenia Oil
A slip of paper with the event or,
name of the person with whom
Patience needs to be increased.
Light the candles,
with a Pink Candle
Light the herbs and paper
and as in burns, Chant three times
Burn, burn
All those thoughts that churn
That stop my love from becoming alive.
Then take the ash outside and scatter it to the night air
Go, dark thoughts
Scatter far and wide
Into the night
Be thou gone
So mote it be.



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