To Free What is Lost
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A latin incantation to trap another inside a painting






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To Free What is Lost was a Latin incantation created by the witch Nell in the 1920s. It was meant as a curse to trap the warlock Malcolm inside a painting for eternity.


In the 1920s, the witch Nell created a painting with this incantation as an underwriting that only Malcolm could read with his power of X-Ray Vision. When he read the incantation, he was sucked into the painting and remained trapped there for over seventy years. All this time, his girlfriend Jane Franklin, another warlock, tried to free him from the curse, though she required the Charmed Ones. When she found them, she brought the painting to Buckland Auction House to be appraised by Prue Halliwell, hoping that she would find the uderwriting and free Malcolm.

When an x-ray revealed the underwriting, Prue spoke the incantation after seeing a man moving inside the painting. However, she was sucked into the painting. Her sister Piper also read the incantation and became trapped as well, leaving only Phoebe to help them. Under the effect of a Smart Spell, Phoebe discovered the incantation to release them and sent Kit into the painting with the spell attached to her collar.

However, Malcolm found Kit first and used the incantation to escape. He reunited with his lover Jane and together, they planned to obtain the powers of the sisters. Meanwhile, the Smart spell lost effect, causing Phoebe to lose her ability to read Latin. When the warlocks attacked her, Phoebe grabbed them and spoke the incantation, trapping all of them in the painting. Once there, Piper froze the warlocks and the sisters escaped with the incantation that Phoebe had pickpocketed from Malcolm. The painting was then detroyed as Jane had set it on fire earlier.[1]



The incantation in the underwriting.

To Free What is LostEdit

Absolvo amitto amplus brevis. Semper mea.
To free what is lost say these words. Mine forever.

Words Free Us AllEdit

Verba Omnes Liberant.
Words Free Us All.


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